Bainbridge Vineyards

100% Bainbridge Island GROWN for Over 40 Years

At Bainbridge Vineyards, we are passionate about creating wine from the ground up.

On eight acres of historic farmland, we tend to the rare and elegant varietals

that thrive in the Puget Sound, and produce exceptional wine

with authentic island heritage.

With a limited production of approximately 1,200 cases annually, our wine is made exclusively

from our own island-grown grapes and fruit.

Welcome Madeleine Angevine 2017!

Our new Madeleine Angevine vintage is here!

“Mad Angie” is a rare and elegant French varietal. This vintage invites you to imbibe in bright grapefruit and green grassy notes, coupled with an abundance of fruit fragrance. Beautiful and delicate, this white wine is a perfect match for oysters, goat cheese and salads.

Enjoy chilled, rain or shine!


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